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About Dr Radhika

Golden Dots

Dr Radhika Vijay is faculty in Department of Pharmacology, Sardar Patel Medical College. Bikaner, Rajasthan, India.

She is  best known for her Podcast and Book, "Is Pharmacology Difficult". 

"Is Pharmacology Difficult" Series consist of Books of different topics and Systems in Subject Pharmacology as a whole. There is a different colour of the Shooting Star on the cover of each of the different book. A New Colour stands for a New Topic or New System of the subject Pharmacology while the basic cover remains the same..:)

Her hobbies are Reading, Drawing, Music & Spoken French.Alma mater was Sophia Sr Secondary School , Bikaner. She secured 3rd Merit in State Board Exams in 10th and 12th standard. Born in 1982 (daughter of Dr R.K. Vijay), she has excelled in her studies.


"The Book 1 about General Pharmacology" is available in all formats. She is best known for her podcast "Is Pharmacology Difficult Podcast" available as Audiobook format on Audible.

"Building Net Castles" is a short fiction story about Olivia and her doughty digital presence.

"Scientific Writing from Scratch" is a perfect guide for someone who has not yet published his or her first research paper.

"Pharmacology Planner" is a helpful tool to study the subject Pharmacology in a planning method. One can aim to complete the revision of the major undergraduate topics in 5 months (at slow pace) or 3months (at fast pace).

She is certified in Nutrition & Dietetics. With a point of view to promote right nutrition practices and Healthy weight loss, she has introduced this "Eat right N Wise" series.

"Fast FAD Diets" is the first book in the series "Eat Right N Wise". It explains about FAD Diets, their eligibility, precautions and pros and cons. Additionally few wonderful diets are added to help the reader follow them and lose weight or maintain weight as per his/her wish and convenience.

"Blood type: Your food guide" is the second book in the series "Eat Right N Wise". It explains the wonderful method to use Blood Groups to decide and adopt one's food choices with a goal of improving lifestyle, eating manners, losing weight and maintaining healthy way of life!


As M.B.B.S, M.D. Pharmacology, Dr Radhika Vijay hosts "Is Pharmacology Difficult Podcast" of her own subject to make it an updated, easy and creative  learning on all major platforms like Apple, Google, Spotify, YouTube, etc. 

She has ventured her literary skills in fiction also and occasionally writes Children's/Young Adult story books under the pen name "Radgin Wiz".

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You can also find her on Twitter, Goodreads  and Amazon!

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